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About me

I'm Carine and I'm a fashion blogger/graphic designer who loves fashion and decided I wanted to write about it. This is my platform to practice the art of writing about fashion. 

I grew up obsessed with style.com (RIP), looking through all the collection images and watching the videos with Tim Blanks. For a long time I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. I did give that a go for a little bit, but my heart wasn't really in it. It was when my husband told me that I need to put all the fashion information in my head to good use that I started to think that I preferred discussing fashion to making it. Then I started watching the SHOWSTUDIO fashion week panel discussions and discovered Alexander Fury. He seemed so knowledgeable and not afraid to say his opinion about the fashion industry as a whole or about the collections. I then started reading all his material that he'd written for several publications. He became my favourite fashion writer. That's when I realised that people can write about fashion for a living. 

So, after a few years of thinking about starting a blog but not really having the guts to do it, I finally just did it. I long ago decided that I'm not really one of those influencers or style bloggers. They're fantastic, but I really am not comfortable in front of the camera, and I really don't have enough designer fashion in my wardrobe to "influence" people to buy it. Plus, I'm not nearly cool enough. I much prefer sitting in my little corner writing things about designers I love, things I dream about buying or discussing fashion history. So that's how this blog came to be, a place where I can write anything I want about all the fashion I love.